A creative hub, a small business incubator, an inspirational communal space, a destination.

The Reality Factory (RF) has been growing since renovation began in 2012, though the building itself has a full history in Kalamazoo. Located within throwing distance to the legendary Gibson Guitar Factory, 213 E. Frank St. has been the French Garment Co., the Black Diamond Skirt Co, the Young Rug Co., and H & P Pattern Co over the past century.

Maintaining the creative momentum that runs deep in the walls, the space is now home to the offices and workspaces of 1977 Mopeds, Read and Write Kalamazoo, Grayling Ceramics, and Indigan. For those seeking a more temporary location, we've hosted small business entrepreneurs, local photographers who love the natural light and industrial-meets-modern aesthetic, as well as individuals and organizations seeking a unique event space.

We continue to grow and seek ways to connect with our community. In 2016 we'll be launching Factory Coffee, a coffee shop to both fuel the work that happens at the building and to share the beautiful place with Kalamazoo.